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Manifestation Visualization

Manifestation Visualization

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Did you know ?

The visualization is the most effective method to manifest your desires through Law of Attraction.


Many of my students have told me that it was difficult for them to visualize without support or guidance.


This is why I decided to record the method that I have been applying myself for 4 years, which allowed me to manifest spectacular results in my life.


During this 25-minute visualization, I will take you to a magical place!

You can listen quietly at home (preferably on a speaker or using headphones), I guide you step by step in setting your intention, and I support you throughout the process of visualizing what you want to obtain in your life.


Whether it is to manifest a new professional opportunity, money, a new relationship, the improvement of a relationship, a material good, or even a particular emotion you want to feel, this Guided Manifestation Visualization is for you ! Because it's a general visualization that you can use for any subject.


During this visualization, you will feel a lot of positive emotions.. This will allow you to unlock the resistance you may have regarding this particular subject, and increase your vibration.


I guarantee that you will feel truly peaceful and with a heart full of joy at the end of the meditation..


For all these reasons, this visualization is a formidable tool for manifesting your desires ! You can also listen to it as many times as you want, for different wishes.


So, ready?

  • Information

    You will receive an audio file in mp3 format to download

  • Use

    My recommendations for this visualization:

    - Download the mp3 audio at the end of your purchase (a download link will be available on the thank you page, and you will also receive it by email)

    - Sit in a quiet and comfortable place, where you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes

    - Don't fall asleep during meditation (you may fall asleep at the end)

    - Avoid having an important meeting right after, to have time to bathe in all the positive emotions you will feel :)

    - Send me your feedback if you wish by email or on Instagram!

    You can repeat this visualization as many times as you want, for the same intention or for different wishes.

    Happy viewing!

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