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Kundalini activation process

Activation of your vital energy

A process of inner transformation

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Retraite Innerlight

Retraite de Kundalini Activation dans un havre de paix à Bali du 22 au 26 avril 2024 en pension complète

kundalini activation training


Facilitator in Kundalini Activation

My name is Céline Bergamini, I live in Bali, and I have been working in well-being for several years. I am an Alignment and Manifestation coach.

I am a Kundalini Activation facilitator, and initiated into Shaktipat and Sri Vidya according to the Hindu tradition.


During the sessions, I guide you in your activation, using intuitive touch, musical instruments, as well as mantras spoken in Sanskrit and the language of light. All this to music designed specifically to immerse you in a deep inner journey.

Discover my journey

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Les séances de Kundalini activation

Unleash the strength within you

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I can't get over what I experienced and yet I was skeptical... It was just incredible, I've never felt like that in my life, like finally concrete proof of my beliefs about energies . Just magical, thank you again for everything 😍🥰✨♥️


Before the session, I had been having several anxiety attacks daily for a month. Since the session, I have had 0 seizures! So thank you 🙏 sincerely♥️


I found the session incredible, I had a little trouble letting go at first, but afterwards the sensations were intense.

I vibrated, cried, I felt soothed. Thank you 🙏
I feel lighter now, I feel like I'm refocusing my life around me and less about others, and that feels good. I'm thinking of starting a session again very soon.

Thank you ♥️



Satisfied participants

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