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Feedback during and after KA sessions

I can't get over what I experienced and yet I was skeptical... It was just incredible, I've never felt like that in my life, like finally concrete proof of my beliefs about energies . Just magical, thank you again for everything 😍🥰✨♥️


I don't even have the words to describe the energies felt, incredible 🙏✨ Gratitude


I found the session incredible, I had a little trouble letting go at first, but afterwards the sensations were intense.

I vibrated, cried, I felt soothed. Thank you🙏
I feel lighter now, I feel like I'm refocusing my life around me and less about others, and that feels good. I'm thinking of starting a session again very soon.

Thank you♥️


I feel like a goddess during the sessions I am so good I have the determination for everything. I almost want to do it more often 😂 I feel easier to let go compared to my first session, I'm less afraid. 
I thank you for everything, you are one of my most beautiful discoveries at the start of 2023. 


The session was intense, I cried and my body moved without me being able to control the movements, it was disturbing to let go like that 😅

Saturday evening I had a headache and stomach ache, I went to bed early, and the next day I felt full of energy, soothed, bright! 

I admit to being satisfied with this session, really! 

I feel good :) 

Thank you again!


This second session has already had incredible effects on my life; I would say that I almost find it hard to believe it but it's quite the opposite, I believe in it completely, I believe in life, I believe in myself like never before!!! I wake up the next day with the feeling that nothing can stop me. I feel connected, ready to experience everything, ready to restart a new cycle despite the challenges. 

Thank you for this space that you held, this work does me a lot of good 🙏


For me it was magnificent, I feel much calmer, I wanted to dance! I'm waiting for your dates for Bali, I'll come see you I'm super excited, a big thank you again thank you 🙏🌷🌺😍


Thank you so much !
It did me a lot of good in reality, I was finally able to let the energy circulate within me, a great peace in relation to my femininity at the moment too, a great wisdom and faith in who I am after a few tears.


This was my second session.
At the first, I noticed that I wasn't letting go enough, so I worked before doing another session and what a big difference!

My body moved from the first seconds and clearly, I occupied all the space in every direction.
I laughed, I cried... It was very intense! For 3 days I was on cloud nine. Both full of energy because I felt glowing from the inside and at the same time exhausted by my emotions.


It was a great session during which I felt a lot of anger at the beginning. Then a feeling of satisfaction, calm, and seeing new perspectives and possibilities. 

Thank you very much. 

I'm impressed 🤩😄, although my soul has always been drawn to this, my mind was thinking of taking a nap during the session. 😂

See you soon


It was a very beautiful session for me, I have traveled a lot and in LOVE at different times. A big thank you to you Céline, accept all my gratitude.


Since the session, I feel very light, peaceful, I communicate more without fear (I have held back a lot since my young childhood) I was afraid to express myself and especially to say what was really on my heart. I have always shaped myself to fit into the world of others and to be accepted. Today and since my first sessions with you, I am no longer afraid to express myself and to be more myself. I've been working on myself for a few years, but your sessions have greatly helped me get past this milestone that was still stuck. I am very grateful to you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ I will come back with great pleasure to participate in other sessions. They are very enriching. 


Today I feel more and more confident, I even have the beginnings of manifestations of my wishes which are starting to show themselves today, it's scary. And at the same time I am in Infinite gratitude to have crossed your path and also to the universe for allowing everything to be possible.

My way of working is also changing, I have more movements in my treatments (I am an energy therapist), I also dare to speak or whisper, it's already a huge step forward for me 😅 

Physically I am simply happy, there is one difference compared to usual is that I am completely letting go. In any case I plan to come back to the session, it was a magical moment.


WOW!! After the session I was quite tired so I took a nap. But since then I've felt light, I've had a little boost of self-confidence, I've had a lot of compliments since Saturday 😊
I feel like I can achieve anything. 
Can't wait to see what the next days, weeks, months will reveal to me and above all can't wait to do other sessions 🥰


Thank you Céline for this fabulous experience. I experienced a wonderful and challenging journey, with many powerful and liberating feelings. I laughed and cried at the same time, but with this feeling of intense joy. I got into the boat and let myself go, accompanied by this feeling of floating.

Thank you very much Céline 🙏

I recommend this experience to everyone ✨


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