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What happens during a Kundalini Activation session?

The process:

It is a process of letting go. It is not a voluntary or self-generated process, like Kundalini Yoga. There are no pre-requisites before the session, it is accessible to everyone (except pregnant women, or with medical contraindications).

It is a moment of surrender, trust, vulnerability and opening of the heart.

Close your eyes and let your whole body listen.

The activation during the sessions is a manifestation of the unblocking of energy pathways in the different channels of the brain and body.

Depression, illness and a wide range of mental, physical and emotional problems occur when the connections in the body are inhibited due to entrenched patterns of thought, behaviour and unfeeling emotions or addictive behaviour.

This activation process helps people to deprogram their conditioning and detach from these habitual patterns, allowing new neural pathways to open up.

We revisit the childlike mind while being adult.

A group session takes a total of 2 hours: the activation itself lasts 1 hour, and 1 hour for the installation at the beginning and the exchanges at the end of the session.

What happens during a Kundalini Activation session?

Lying on a yoga mat, all you have to do is close your eyes and relax.

The music starts. Several times I will touch some of your chakra points, or some meridian points in an intuitive way. You don't have to do anything, just let yourself go and welcome what is happening.

Music is used to support the activation of specific brainwave patterns, which stimulate a lucid dream-like state of awareness. Physical touch is used to stimulate and awaken the body's intelligence for self-healing by triggering bodily and emotional responses, including spontaneous movement, helping to clear deep blockages and allow greater fluidity on all levels.

The person then begins to access their deep source. As this emerges and unfolds, it generates significant energetic movements in the physical and emotional bodies. From a Kundalini perspective, this rise begins with the lower three chakras opening, while the upper three also begin to descend, the two movements coming together at the heart chakra.

Experiences that may occur during the session:

Energetic: You are still, but feel the energy flowing through your body

Visual: Activation of your third eye, lights, images, astral travel, visions...

Emotional: Anger, sadness, fear, tears, or bursts of laughter, joy ... Do not hold back, feel the emotions, it is the path to liberation

Motor: Body movements, stretching, yoga postures, shaking, mudras ... Pay attention to where you feel the energy, and how your body wants to accompany it. And let yourself be carried along

A state of pure happiness, ecstasy... Some people can even have an energetic orgasm

Non-Duality: This is the experience of oneness with all things. A feeling of connection and identification with the whole Universe. It is intimacy with everything. In this experience, the feeling of being a witness to things disappears completely, and instead you feel yourself to be something you see.

It is possible that 10% of participants feel nothing during the session. However, they almost always report experiences after the session. Changes in their daily life, such as a change in diet, stopping the consumption of toxic products such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc., are often reported.

Everyone is more or less sensitive to the sessions, it is just a matter of time. Some people need more time than others to activate.

The more sessions you do, the more likely you are to feel the changes more and more. Every session is different!

How to prepare for a session?


  • Don't have any alcohol or substances at least 24 hours before (and the longer before, the better 😊).

  • If you can, avoid meat the night before

  • On the day: don't eat 3 hours before the session. If you had a meal before, ideally it should be a light meal (fruit), without dairy products, meat, coffee, heavy foods, sugar

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Allow some quiet time after the session for your integration

Why these instructions?

➡️ the lighter and healthier your stomach is, the more energy can flow freely (if you can even prepare yourself 3 days before, that's even better! But not mandatory :) )


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