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What is Kundalini Activation?

It is a transformative process of self-awakening. During a Kundalini activation session, you reach a state of altered consciousness, during which you can experience a release, self-healing and a deep transformation.

It is an intuitive trance-based perception, caused by sound acting on the change of state of the brain waves. The vital energy (Prana) is activated by resonance and energetical co-activation.

You will experience an expansion of consciousness and a change in neuroplasticity, recycling your autonomic nervous system. You learn to trust your internal guidance system and the intelligence of your body more deeply.

The sessions have the effect of slowing down the thought process in order to connect to our consciousness. We reconnect to our true nature, remembering who we really are.

We then see what is hidden in our conditioned thought systems, our limiting beliefs, and what blocks the expansion of our heart.

A Kundalini activation is a process of awakening consciousness, of physical, energetic, psychic, emotional and spiritual transformation to purify all the layers of the being, of the fears, blockages and brakes which encumber it, in order to reach this state of pure energy, of complete harmony with oneself and with all that surrounds us. It is a mirror that allows us to see things as they really are. In an altered state of consciousness our real Self emerges. We return to the source from which we all emanate: infinity, freedom and eternity.


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